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Fuel Girls update


So the Gumball Rally starts tomorrow!!

1960s Cadillac….. check
High Lifted Hummer….. check
Lemmy from Motorhead….. check
Avenged Sevenfold….. check
Iron Fist shoes – a different pair for every day….. check

Pro Plus….. check

Sat Nav….. oops!!

We are heading to Hollywood to pick up Lemmy, then on to Santa Monica Pier today (Friday) for registration at the Viceroy Hotel and to party!!

Tomorrow the Fuel Girls, Lemmy and Avenged Sevenfold will be on the start grid between 10am and 1pm so come down and say hi! Lemmy will be with Lora, Lara and Vanessa in the Cadillac and Helen and Sahar will be in the High Lifted Hummer with A7X. Come and see us off in style!!

You can listen to Helens latest radio interview live from Las Vegas here http://www.myspace.com/djtalitatwoshoes

Also, remember anyone holding a Fuel Girls sign will get a signed poster and goodies from our sexy clothing sponsor Iron Fist (their shoes…. sigh!) if we can slow down for long enough!! Send pictures of you and your sign here info@fuelgirls.co.uk and we will put them up on the website!!

Check the route to see if we pass close to you! The new route card is up on our Team Fuel Girls myspace www.myspace.com/teamfuelgirls – leave us a message and we will find you on the road!

You can also read our blog on the Gumball website here www.gumball3000.com/blog/fuel_girls

Look forward to seeing you on the road!

3000 miles of rock and fu*kin roll!!!

The Fuel Girls xxx

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