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George Fechter to blog here on Gumball-live

George Fechter will be posting his blog posts here on Gumball-Live.com
For those of you that have no idea who he is, George took K.I.T.T. on last years Rally.
This year he will be hitchiking his way to Miami and his reports will be also posted here.
First update:

Gumball Rally 2009 !

After taking part in the legendary 10th anniversary gumball rally in 2008 ín the original Knight Rider Car better known as „KITT“ with David Hasselhoff, The Fuel Girls,Niels „NPJ“ Jensen and Ryan „the Pantysniffer“ Tate , Georgie will be making his way on the 2009 Rally but on a whole new level. While The hoff will be driving his porsche 911 turbo with 100k modifications on it and the fire-breathing Fuel Girls together with vintage rocker Lemmy from Motörhead and Avenged Sevenfold will be present with 4 cars,Georgie will be hitchhiking and trying to sneak in as many rides as possible,maybe even with the hoff who knows.

Georgie also admitted to get a full on “American hockey cut mullet” for the rally so make sure to check the pictures.The Rally will also stop in Vegas for the supercross where ALL the American Masters of Dirt crew will be present,we are already feeling that this party will be an epic one,just to name a few party animals coming together at Vegas SX : Mad Mike Jones who still is the madest out of all of us .. Mike Mason,Carey Hart,the Fuel Girls.Justin Hoyer , Jim Mc Neil,Jon Guetter,Paul Basagotia,Ronnie Renner and many many more.Make sure you check Mastersofdirt.com for uptodate party pics from the rally and vegas sx !

– Gumball has it all – showcasing Bugatti Veyrons, Lamborghini’s to Low Riders and classic American muscle cars. With event sponsors including lifestyle sportswear brand Puma providing ‘Gumball 3000 Edition’ driving shoes, Nixon creating unique timepieces, and Monster Energy supplying the drinks – this eight-day ‘road trip’ is certain to live up to all expectations of being a stylish, adrenaline fuelled adventure

The amazing super, muscle, import and luxury cars will all be displayed next to Santa Monica Pier on parking Lot 1550 from midday on Friday May 1st – ready for the flag to drop at 1pm on Saturday 2nd May! From Santa Monica the 3000 mile route includes a spectacular sight-seeing tour of the good ‘ole USA, peppered with overnight stops, parties and checkpoints in Las Vegas, the Hoover Dam, Sedona, the Grand Canyon, Santa Fe, Dallas, New Orleans and Orlando – before crossing the finish line on Miami’s Ocean Drive on Friday 8th May.

Will be keeping you update on the most exiting stories from the rally up here !

Iam off to get my redneck mullet now ! keep tuned on here and on http://www.mastersofdirt.com !

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