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997 Turbo Undergoing Modifications for Gumball 3000

Like everything we do, full documentation is going to happen with this build.  Vivid Racing has hooked up with Caleb aka Stuntman to take this Porsche 997 Turbo to the next level. This car is a TechArt car to begin with.  From the aero kit, to the power, it is well dressed. The car probably has TechArts power pack that includes the ECU Flash, Exhaust, Headers, and a neat little red powdercoated Y Pipe. We baselined the car and saw it put down on our Mustang Dyno 469 awhp and 536ft/lbs of torque. The car is a tiptronic, but still should not look this choppy. With 11,000 miles the dyno chart should not look this choppy, so we are going to change the plugs with the Denso IK22 1 step colder plugs. Before we do change the plugs, modified turbos, and Softronic ECU flash, we will be adding the Agency Power Cold Air intake to get a dyno on that. This car is on 93 octane already, but if we ran it on 91 octane, this car would be down on power for what the kit is suppose to do.  So stay tuned…

Official gallery is here – http://www.vividracing.com/forums/ga…ages.php?c=423.  Shop all our Porsche 997 Turbo Parts here.

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