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The Fuel Girls, Lemmy and A7X

This year we are on the Gumball driving in a 1960 handpainted Cadillac
Seville with our own personal twist and a wounded warriors high
lifted H2 SUT Hummer supplied by our good friends at California Truck.
After performing with Motorhead on their 2009 UK tour we insisted
Lemmy rides the rally with us!!

AVENGED SEVENFOLD will be finishing a two year tour and jumping
straight into our Hummer to join us on the rally. It’s going to be a
fucking wild one!!

We are driving the rally in aid of the Wounded Warriors charity and will be
stopping off in L.A to perform at an event called Stars and Stripes.
This is taking place at the Playboy Mansion the weekend after the
Gumball( May 16th)and tickets are now on sale.

Tickets can be bought here…

Its totally top secret but i will just share a tiny sneak peak and give you a
clue about how our Cadillac is going to look on the start line…..

This was her before the paint job:

And this is a tiny section of her now…..

See you on the GUMBALL!!! XX

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