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A chimpansee entered the 2009 Gumball?!?

What’s this that we discovered today, as it seems in 2009 the first ever primate will enter the 2009 Gumball rally. Matt Devlen who is a Gumball veteran, we all know him from the ice cream van, is bringing along Cheeta the Chimp for the Rally. Not only for the ride but the Chimp gets his own car! He recently went shopping for a car at Exotic Motor Cars and as it seems it has turned out to be a red 1966 Ford Mustang. Trust me i am not bullshitting you.

Here’s an interview with Cheeta the Chimp:

Jonathan: Cheeta, what brought you to Exotic Motor Cars today?

Cheeta the Chimp: These guys have been a big supporter of my comeback. Marc Yskamp let me borrow his dune buggy back in May for my music video “Convoy.” They got some great vintage cars there. I’m still not sure what car to drive in next year’s Gumball, so I’m shopping around. Everyone thinks I belong in a jeep. Well, I like convertibles.

Jonathan: I see you were checking out a 1966 Ford Mustang. What did you think of the car?

Cheeta the Chimp: The car is great and I love red. If the owner hadn’t been watching, I would have taken it for a joy ride, but everyone was watching me like a hawk.

Jonathan: Here’s the question everyone wants to know. Chevy Camaro or Ford Mustang? What’s your choice and why?

Cheeta the Chimp: I’m doing an interview with About.com Mustangs…..Ford Mustang

Jonathan: If Ford were to ever create a special Cheeta Edition Mustang, what features would you like to see in the car?

Cheeta the Chimp: The bucket seats could be adapted for a primate derriere (more scoop) and I’d like to see a banana on the hood.

Jonathan: Tell me more about the upcoming Gumball 3000 Rally and how you’ll be involved.

Cheeta the Chimp: Maximillion Cooper is a big supporter and has invited me to be in next year’s rally which starts on Hollywood Blvd. and ends in Miami Beach. What better way to wrap up my campaign for a Star then in front of the offices of the “Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.” Paul Newman was one of my heroes and he was into racing so I’m following in his footsteps. Being in the Gumball will open lots of new doors and also help focus attention on the plight of my brethren who are facing extinction in Africa. Devlen is putting together the same team who drove with him in 2005 from London to Monaco (via Bosnia) in an ice cream van. Kimberly Green, Gary Lutke, Michelango Bendandi and Ash Rana are already on board as Grease Monkeys. Rana’s making some cool t-shirts for the pit crew with my mug on them. You’ll be able to follow their exploits at www.rallyfever.com.

Jonathan: So I heard a new book about your life just hit the streets. Can you tell me more about it?

Cheeta the Chimp: It’s out in the UK already and due to hit America on February 17th. I was a fly on the wall with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood. All the sordid details are there and I don’t mince words. Talk about artistic license. If only even a bit of it was true. People are already sending me soap. I guess they think I should wash my mouth out with it. Well, give me a break. I should be able to get away with a lot more because I’m not human. And now everybody’s coming out of the concrete jungle to get a piece of me. Suncoast Primate Sanctuary in Florida for instance claims that there is another Cheeta that was given to them by Johnny Weissmuller. While there were many other Cheetas (maybe this is one of them), they didn’t get him from the Weissmuller estate and that’s according to Diane Weissmuller herself. So, people are stretching the truth now that my life is under a microscope. I’m sure this is only the beginning.

Jonathan: So how much is true in your autobiography?

Cheeta the Chimp: Okay. The book says that I hate bananas for instance. Well, British writer and journalist Damian Barr was over to my place during Election day to see if this bit of information on my diet was true for his piece in the London Times. He smuggled in a dozen bananas, and Dan would only allow me to have one. Well, once this writer turned on that tape recorder, I dashed for the kitchen and found the stash of bananas, brought them out to the piano and wolfed them all down in minutes to the jaw-dropping astonishment of Mr. Barr. And from what I understand, it takes a lot to shock Mr. Barr who is known to wear stripped jammies in public. I think I’m his first celebrity interview in the raw. Well, he’ll get over it I hope.

Jonathan: I also heard you are going to be in one last movie. What’s the story with that?

Cheeta the Chimp: Film Director Glen Coburn and producer Kay Bay pitched me this neo noir project “Hollywood Deadbeat” and I couldn’t turn him down. It’s very European, shot in black and white with all the characters based on real people from the 1980s. I play myself opposite a character based on LA horrormesiter Jerry Feifer who is still making money off his movies 25 years later. Delightful and gorgeous Jane Abbott is also in the scene thanks to the persuasive powers of Joe Spotts who seems to know everybody who was anybody in Palm Springs. Such a big fuss over me returning to the silver screen for a raspberry but Glen and the producers had to convince Dan Westfall to let me out of the Casa to go on location to Casablanca Studios in Desert Hot Springs. He finally gave in so I could do my big scene. My only issue was they wanted me to wear pants and I wanted to go au natural. Kim Dillinger Davis was watching the clock on set and thought I was going to be a no show……well I showed her.

Jonathan: Do you still go out cruising from time to time?

Cheeta the Chimp: Not like in the old days….and now I’ve got minders and everyone making sure I behave. Don’t get me wrong. I love Dan Westfall and he’s been a dream to look after me. I owe him my life since originally I was destine for the gas chamber until Dan stepped in and saved me. But, I’d like to carouse around the neighborhood if I could. Hollywood Deadbeat was the closest thing I got to it. So, I’m ready for my next role.

Jonathan: When you do cruise, what music do you like to listen to? Any favorite tunes?

Cheeta the Chimp: Monkees and more Monkees. NYC PR Whiz Sal Cataldi hooked me up with my favorite band last year to try and get them a star on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but no go for them as well. But, I’m really looking forward to my music video with Immergent records. John Trickett and Michael Lee Jackson have been out to visit me on several occasions. Michael Lee’s not only my Lawyer but a musician himself and helping me put this together. He wants his dog Eugene it, but I’m against that but who knows. I’m doing my voice tracks at the beginning of the year and my grandson Jeeters is ooh oohing in with me as well. It’s all in the family. There is talk of me joining forces with the Cheeky Girls. How crazy is that? Maybe we should have remade “Touch my Bum.” instead of “Convoy”.

Jonathan: Do you have any road trip stories? If so, what’s the most memorable?

Cheeta the Chimp: Well there was this time I hitched a ride with Howard Hughes when I escaped from Jungleland, but I’m saving that for my next book….

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